Jumaima's story

17 May 2019

Jumaima is one of our first I Am Team GB Games Makers for 2019 - find out about her past Games Maker experiences and what she's planning to do this year to get her community active!

When and how did you get into volunteering?

I got into volunteering over 20 years ago through my passion to help people, especially the less privileged.

What is it about volunteering that you love? 

Having that opportunity to give back to the society and meet other people that share the same goals.

Have you been a Games Maker previously? If so, tell us a bit about your experience.

Yes, in 2012. I was a member of the Protocol team that looked after VIPs and their families; it was such an amazing experience that I was so grateful to be a part of!

What sports/activities do you volunteer in, and why?

I’m not involved in a specific sport as I prefer to be open to volunteer in any if I am given the opportunity.

What sports/activities do you take part in? 

I was taking part in athletics before I encountered some health issues so now I do a bit of yoga and Zumba.

What motivated you to get involved in this year’s I Am Team GB?

I want to keep the flag flying and my desire to always give back at every given opportunity.

  For this year’s I Am Team GB campaign, what activity would you put on in your local community? 

Yoga or a female football match.

What would you say to someone who wanted to get involved in volunteering for I Am Team GB?

Just go for it with all your heart because you only live once, so make it count by giving back to your community!

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